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UK Immigration Lawyers

UK Immigration Lawyers

Our UK Immigration Lawyers are based in London and are providing legal advice throughout the UK and outside of the UK. We will provide you with strategic, correct legal advice as well as legal remedies on UK Immigration Laws, British Nationality Laws, EEA Laws to individuals, family members, businesses, and educational providers in the UK. 

We understand that seeking UK Immigration Lawyers, who are both competent and regulated are vital criteria’s to choosing a Lawyer whom you would like to work on your matter and at ICS Legal, our specialist legal team have been advising clients either individuals or businesses for more than 2 decades. Our work through our UK Immigration Lawyers is widely recognised and we make regular guest attendance on TV shows, magazines and newspapers to name a few, demonstrating our knowledge on these specialist areas of law. 

Reputation matters for our UK Immigration Lawyers and we have established reputation for providing our Clients with exceptional level of customer based service advice and strategic help in meeting their demands. Whether you are an investor starting a business in the UK, a business or organisation transferring your employees here in the UK or a family moving to the UK, our Lawyers can assist you from the simplest to the most complex of matters. At times, the public bodies make wrongful decisions and our UK Immigration Lawyers can challenge those decisions before relevant authorities. 

We provide both legal advice and managed legal services for applications for UK visas, UK visitor visa, UK Spouse visa, family applications and immigration services ranging from Immigration or EEA applications to Judicial Reviews. Similarly, all categories of Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 4 & Tier 5 (Points-based applications) and non-points-based applications are managed by our UK Immigration Lawyers. 

Our service model is based on flexibility, enabling us to provide outstanding service to clients ranging from the smallest start-up to global businesses. We support HR teams in managing their UK and global immigration needs, providing business intelligence on global trends and through sharing our know-how with clients through our regular alerts, workshops, webinars and client-centred training.

For our private clients, we provide a dedicated service to support investors, entrepreneurs and families moving to the UK, advising on the best solution and providing a high level service to help our clients relocate, obtain permanent residence and British Citizenship. We are recognised experts in dealing with complex UK and EU immigration issues and have extensive experience of litigating judicial review cases and appeals. 

We regularly engage with Home Office on our day-to-day contacts across the Home Office enable us to resolve issues, obtain pre-clearance in complex applications and ensure timely resolution of even the most complex cases.

We strive and continue on building our trust with you, as this is important for us as much as you. Costs are vital on choosing our UK Immigration Lawyers and in most cases; we will provide a fixed costs, to allow you to stay in control. We are asked and we always answer that, no 2 applications are the same, but we will ensure that all applications we lodge on your behalf, are done correctly to avoid refusals. 

A team of 2 UK Immigration Lawyers are usually tasked to complete your application file and this is checked/cross-referenced by our team, to ensure all correct checks have been made. Our UK Immigration Lawyers do what they are good at. We build our trust with you through honesty, integrity, compassion, and dutifulness. Our Lawyers deliver what we promise, and we strive to keep you informed through this process, whether it is office hours or not. 

Our UK Immigration Lawyers believe in transparency. Moreover, we highlight every detail of your case, provide every possible solution and work with integrity. Our Lawyers charge you only on an agreed-fee-basis. Your goals are the objectives of our UK immigration lawyers and that is what we stand for.

Our online services available on our website, keep our clients informed throughout the application process, giving you peace of mind as well as keeping you informed. As with any applications, whether lodged under Immigration, Nationality or EEA Laws, our UK Immigration Lawyers understand that careful attention must be applied to avoid mistakes. 

The processing times for your application will vary depending on the application service you select and where the application is being made. We cannot guarantee how long the UK Visas and Immigration Team will take to process your application but we can give further information on the application options and likely time frames as part of the advice we will provide to you if instructed.

Using responsible and correct technology

To deliver our legal advice to you, we use technology is the forefront of our service to you. We have adopted the digital changes to support you in delivering legal advice and support. Here are some of the examples of how we use our technology responsibly to deliver exceptional service:

  1. Case management system. We keep a record from the initial call to the work we do to the updates we receive from the deciding posts to the Court and keep you informed throughout the legal process. It allows us to deliver quality legal advisory service to you. 
  2. Digital scanning of your documents. We scan and digitalise your documents if you send the original to us or we encourage you to send us digital copy of your documents, rather than posting or photocopying, saving costs as well as the impact it has to the environment. We call this smart technology.
  3. Training our colleagues. We know that technology plays an important role in our service to you, so we provide our team with the essential training, so it improves our delivery of legal advisory service. Privacy and protecting your data is important, so we run training on those policies. 
  4. Feedbacks from our online services. We have created systems online which can be found on our website, so you would be able to provide us feedbacks to improve our legal services to you. It helps our team to improve and become better every day. 
  5. Security of your data & information. Our website to our systems is encrypted and protected. Our dedicated tech team (Tech ICS) are responsible for monitoring, protecting and keeping your data & information safe. We are proud to say that your data is secure with us. 

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